Hi everyone! My name is Georgie and this is my Goldeneye Star Pigment Selection. I have been in the micropigmentation industry for over 20 years and can say I’m so glad that each and every one of you can share the same passion and eternal love for Permanent makeup that I have! I started my career at the age of 19 and have seen so many PMU techniques come and go. I am from Australia and own a Training Academy and Clinic in Melbourne called Distinctive Features and am also Co-owner of Australian Colour Technologies – The sole distributors for Goldeneye Micropigmentation in Australia and New Zealand.
I started as an aesthetician at the age of 17 and was trained in ‘tapping’ PMU technique a few years later. Working in both fields for years and growing within the industries with all the new technologies and changes, my urge to want to train others in what I did became very strong, so I progressed into educating at Colleges around Australia in Beauty Therapy after completing further study to become a certified trainer and assessor.

In 2013 I decided to start my own clinic and Training Academy which has now grown to be one of Australia’s most prestigious and well-known Micropigmentation Academy’s. With the love of Goldeneye Products and Machines, the natural progression into being the Goldeneye training facility in Australia became apparent.
• In 2015 I was awarded Cosmetic Tattooist of the year for the Association of Cosmetic Tattoo
• In 2016 I was awarded runner up cosmetic tattooist of the year and People Choice Award for the Association of Cosmetic Tattoo
• In 2017, 2018 Finalist Cosmetic Tattooist and Educator of the Year for Australia for the Australian Beauty Industry Awards
• In 2020 I was Awarded Winner of Australian Cosmetic Tattooist of the year and finalist for educator of the year for the Australian Beauty Industry Awards.

I feel right now in the 21st century we have really come to an all-time high in progression with PMU techniques, products, and standards, it is so exciting to be involved at this time in our industry.

Our region is very multicultural, so I have experience with so many different skin types. The colours I have chosen for my Star set are my favourite as they can all be used straight or mixed with other colours to create so many different variations to suit different skin tones.

Amazing Blonde is a light neutral blonde colour that can be used as a base and darkened with Ebony Queen or Glamourous graphite for more neutral medium browns, with dark redwood or warm brunette for something a little warmer. It can be used straight for a perfect fair skinned blondes and with a drop of taupe spectactulaire can be cooled to a lovely ash blonde for cooler toned clients.

Powder Black is a wonderful soft black that works perfectly as a soft lash enhancement colour or as shadow for eyeliner. With a drop of Copacabana Cacao, you can make a lovely brown eyeliner with this also.
For advanced brow artists it can be used vary sparingly (1 drop) with warm brunette or dark redwood to darken a colour for our darker skinned clients (fitz 4 and up)

Sparkling Lobster is my new favourite signature colour made especially for ALL lip types. It can be used on dark lips to neutralise, and light lips to create the perfect coral lip colour. This colour was based on my favourite lipstick with added orange tones to work well on high melanin rich lips also. Can be used straight with skin top or add a drop of lollypop pink for a pinker tone or add obviously orange for very dark lips also.

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